My primary tool is the IMAGINATION, limits of implementation hardly concern me.

The speed of my work is the speed of my IDEA.

I create THE NEW by ripping THE OLD continuously out of its context.

The tradition is noble, it can be refreshed without losing this value.

CONCEPT, COLOURS, FABRIC – these are the beginning and the end of what I do.

Terms of being dressed and being nude are ELASTIC, so are the purpose of garment and wearer’s sex.

Clothes can adapt themselves. FREEDOM of creation knows no limits in setting targets or choosing methods.

Following strict rules is a way of imposing restraints on oneself.


About Sylwia’s work:

Sylwia Rochala’s brand is gaining more and more popularity because of her ambitious
approach to independent fashion and usage of hand made fabrics. Rochala’s designs
have been noticed by both polish and international media as well as organizations working
for ecology (which have appreciated the fact that she uses recycled materials in order to
minimize negative impact on the environment). Her collections have been shown and
awarded at numerous fashion events throughout Poland. Sylwia’s designs are known for
mixing provocative individuality with respect for fabrics. She applies techniques disregarded
by modern designers on noble fabrics to express her rejection for schematism. All projects
within each collection are connected by a certain concept.